Liina Viira is a Swedish-Estonian designer, currently based in Tallinn, Estonia. She was born and raised in Stockholm, but her Estonian roots have always been present in her upbringing. With years curiosity for her origin and Estonian culture grew deeper. Having finished her fashion studies and established her career in Stockholm the search for roots brought her to Estonia in 2005. 

Long story short, it all began after having won the III prize at the most influential local fashion contest at the time. Couple of years later new independent knitwear brand LIINAVIIRA was born. Knits inspired by the patterns from the past. In the course of working and playing with patterns we have come to understanding that the DNA of ethnics is universal, no matter what's the actual geographic origin. We believe that this heritage can only survive if we keep the process rolling. Mixing and matching the rules of traditional vs contemporary is the essence of Liina Viira's design.   

We believe in functional and timeless design. We dislike the mad speed how fashion world is operating. A garment should last way longer than one short season, both design and quality wise. 

We love natural materials like wool, leather, wood, linen etc. All materials are chosen with good care and are best of quality you can get for a reasonable price.

We put effort in good quality and responsible production processes. In Estonia we have many skilled ladies who still know the traditional weaving and knitting techniques. We try to combine their knowledge with modern techniques. All our items are made in Estonia and we have met everyone involved in the process.

We hope you feel warm, cozy, outstanding, easy-going, cheerful, elegant, empowered and happy while wearing the knits by LIINA VIIRA.