When we started this knitwear brand back in 2009, we named it NAiiV. Why NAiiV? Because we believe that certain amount of naivety can help create great achievements. Taking things too seriously can sometimes the kill magic of creativity and opportunities. We have learned many valuable lessons since then, but we still carry this sense of naivety and spirit of fun with us.
For further growth and development it was time for change in 2014. We felt it is only natural to continue working under the name of the creator and designer LIINA VIIRA.  

New logo and visual identity was created with the help of talented graphic designers Robi Jõeleht and Kadri-Maria Mitt from Working process with Robi and Kadri-Maria was smooth and very professional. We are happy with the outcome - reference to unknitted yarn and the overall appearance of the new look. Thanks guys, our highest credits to you!

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