Totally amazed by today's discovery! I was to meet up with the KDI-women's group at the school where they work, and participate in some tie- or batik-dyeing. This was all the information I had beforehand. I had no idea, of what technique we were going to use. Tying, folding or waxing are somewhat well known to me and this was what I expected to see. Imagine my surprise, when I arrived and the women were using porridge, yes you are reading correctly, porridge made out of cornflour, to dye the fabrics!!

I can´t think of a process that is more environment friendly than this. Can you? It's actually very logical, the starch from the corn is "protecting" some of the places on the fabric from the color to sink in. The same procedure as with wax, just much simpler! And another benefit - the rinsing process is much faster and easier when using porridge. To get the wax out of the fabric, you need to rinse it more times. Meaning, the amount of water needed for washing the porridge out is heavily reduced. Win, win, win! 

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