The plan was to make myself a coat that I would wear when hitting the peak at Mount Kenya. These are the kind of stories I make up, to have a good reason to start yet another sewing project, when my hands are already overloaded with random handwork.

Well, to make a long story short, there was no climbing at all. At least none other than the mountains I climbed in my mind.
The coat has the simplest cut ever. Mainly because this time, I didn´t have a sewing machine at hand. I went to the tailor at the corner and had her sew the 5 seams required to connect this thing together. And this is the point where everything simple ended...  

I decided to sew the hole thing through by hand, using quilting stitches.
 The whole pattern is sewn through from one side. To make the matters worse, it's reversible, so whilst quilting, you have to make sure both sides turn out perfectly.  Well, in the end, it all took about a month to complete. Using all time on bus-rides and lonely evenings with the wintercoat project. But man, I can't wait to wear it!

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