It might not be recommended, but sometimes it's just necessary to step on a bodaboda/motorcycle taxi. Although not the safest, this is by far the quickest way to get around town. As traffic jams are constant, motorcycle is the answer to avoid them. And what people bring on their vehicles is a sight for sore eyes (read: insane)!

Payas, my driver, even designed my seat! 
Accidents where people get badly hurt or killed, happen frequently. In Uganda there is no law for wearing helmets, not even in downtown Kampala. The only time I wore a helmet on a bodaboda, during my six months in Uganda/Kenya, was once in Nairobi, where the police demands that the driver provides a helmet for the passenger.
I usually got picked up by Payas, my very steady driver! The unusual thing about him was that we was calm and quite punctual - rare and the more valuable qualities over there ... 

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